ECE Continuing Education / Professional Development

ECE Continuing Education / Professional Development

Providing financial support to child care staff to continue their education will enhance skills and qualifications. Continuing Education Program is intended to enhance the ability of licensed child care centres and family home day care agencies to recruit and retain staff.

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Eligibility Criteria

To receive Continuing Education Program funding for 2018/2019, the following criteria must be met:

  • The applicant must be currently working with children or families in a licensed child care facility;
  • Eligible child care staff includes teachers, directors and assistant directors. Family home day care providers are not eligible;
  • Applicants must submit the Continuing Education Program Application for the Course Reimbursement form within 60 days of the completion of the course.

The courses must be taken towards obtaining Level 2 (ECE diploma), Level 3 classification (Child & Youth Study, Mount St. Vincent University, undergraduate degree), Level 1 classification, the Early Childhood Administrator Continuing Education Certificate Course from Mount St. Vincent University, Early Childhood Leadership Training Program from Nova Scotia Community College, Leadership en petite enfance from Universite Sainte Anne and the Inclusion and Intervention Diploma from Jane Norman College.


Eligible staff can qualify for reimbursements totaling:
  • Up to a maximum of $1000.00 per year if employed part-time (70-120 hours per month)
  • Up to $5000.00 per year if employed full-time (more than 120 hours per month)

Staff members taking advantage of this reimbursement will be required to commit to work in a Nova Scotia licensed child care centre or FHDC agency for 750 or 1500 hours depending on the amount reimbursed and the timing of the reimbursement.

(above information is from the Department of Early Years website –

Course Breakdown

Relevant certifications acquired during this program include:

  • Standard First Aid
  • CPR Level C, Fire and Safety
  • 3. Child Abuse Protocol
  • Food Handlers
  • WHMIS/Occupational Health & Safety

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Level 1 (6 Courses)

  • ECE 1005 Child Development: Pre-birth through Preschool
  • ECE 1009 Children's Play: Curriculum Development from Infancy through Age Five
  • ECE 1010 Child Guidance: Developmental and Cultural Understandings of Behaviour
  • ECE 1015 Child Development: Ages Six to Twelve
  • ECE 2017 Children’s Play: Curriculum Development for Ages Six to Twelve
  • ECE 2018 Methods of Positive Behavior Management
  • Guided Workplace Experience 1
  • Guided Workplace experience 2
  • Level Two (16 courses)

  • ECE 1001 Foundations of Early Childhood Education
  • ECE 1003 Communication Studies
  • ECE 1006 Infant, Toddler and Preschool Program Development
  • ECE 1007 Curriculum Planning: Creative Expression
  • ECE 1008 Curriculum Planning: Literacy, Numeracy and Scientific Thought
  • ECE 1011 Family Studies
  • ECE 1012 Health, Safety and Nutrition
  • ECE 1013 Observation and Record Keeping
  • ECE 1014 Research Studies
  • ECE 2002 Program Administration
  • ECE 2004 Professionalism, Advocacy, and Resources
  • ECE 2016 School-Age Program Development
  • ECE 2019 Children with Special Needs: Developmental Issues
  • ECE 2020 Children with Special Needs: Inclusive Developmental Programming
  • ECE 2021 Nutrition Lab
  • ECE 2022 Diversity Studies
  • Practicum 3
  • Practicum 4
  • Professional Development

    Island Career Academy offers Professional Development opportunities for members of the Early Childhood sector each year. Training schedules are developed in both the Fall and Spring to meet the needs of Early Childhood Educators, and to provide training on topics that are relevant to the field.

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